At SKC, Each Department has its own Board of Studies which consists of

  • Head of the department concerned (Chairman)

  • The entire faculty of each specialization.

  • Two experts in the subject concerned from other prestigious institutions to be nominated by the Academic Council.

  • One expert to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor of Affiliating University.

  • One representative from industry/corporate sector/allied area relating for the placement

  • One postgraduate meritorious alumnus.

  • Experts from outside the college.

  • Staff of the same department.

Roles of the Board of Studies of each department in the college are

  • Design syllabi for various courses keeping in view the objectives of Institution, interest of the stakeholders and national requirement for consideration and approval of the Academic Council.

  • Suggest methodologies for innovative teaching and evaluation techniques.

  • Suggest panel of names to the Academic Council for appointment of examiners for undergraduate and postgraduate courses

  • Coordinate research, teaching, extension and other academic activities in the Department

  • To consider the criteria of general academic interests of all the Departments and their functioning.