The Awards Committee is a sub-committee that reports to the Fellowship Affairs Committee (FAC). The purpose of the committee is to grant awards, visiting professorships and fellowships within the guidelines approved by Council.

Responsibility and Authority
The Awards Committee:

  • Reviews and revises terms of reference for Sri Kaliswari College fellowships, awards, grants and visiting professorship Programs.

  • Selects recipients for Sri Kaliswari College fellowships and visiting professorships.

  • Selects recipients for the Sri Kaliswari College’s honoray awards, with the exception of Sri Kaliswari College Honorary Fellowship which is awarded by Council.

  • Delegates the adjudication of certain fellowships, grants and awards to sub-committees.

  • Drafts terms of reference for new Sri Kaliswari College awards and grants.

  • Recommends to the Executive Committee of Council nominees for National awards for which the Sri Kaliswari College is submitting a nomination

The Awards Committee has up to eight members, including the chair. A majority of the committee members are fellows of the Sri Kaliswari College. The chair of the Awards Committee also participates as a member of the Fellowship Affairs Committee. Committee members should possess general knowledge of the Sri Kaliswari College, and have experience and expertise in adjudicating honorific awards and/or grant applications.

Dr.S.Krishnamurthy Principal
Mrs.Pitchaikani Prabakaran Controller of Examinations
Dr.P.K.Balamurugan Vice-Principal
Miss.R.Muthulakshmi Vice-Principal
Dr.N.Nalayini Head,Department of Commerce(CA)
Miss.K.Lalithambigai Head,Department of Mathematics