Attendance and Examination Fees

The Controller of Examinations is responsible for the formative and Summative Assessment of students – organizing and coordinating the conduct of examinations, evaluation, announcement of results and award of certificates, diplomas and degrees through the patent university

There shall be Summative Examinations at the end of each semester for testing the cumulative and comprehensive understanding of the subject.

The following points to be remembered in this regard.

  • A student will be permitted to take the summative examination in any course if he/she has put in atleast 75% (68 days) of attendance in that course in a semester.
  • If the attendance is 65% (59 days) or above but below 75% he/she shall be allowed to sit for the examination after the payment of the condonation fees Rs.300/-.
  • If the attendance is 50% or above but below 65%, he/she shall be allowed to sit for the exam only during the next odd or even semester after the payment of Condonation fees Rs.500/- (i.e. will not be allowed for the current sitting).
  • If the attendance is below 50% (45 days) he/she shall repeat the course by freshly enrolling for the course for another semester.

  • The summative exam for each course shall be normally of three hours duration.
  • The Controller of Examinations shall schedule and announce and conduct the summative examination for UG, PG and M.Phil programmes, for each semester.
  • The question paper setting for each course shall be set by the external examiners chosen for the purpose.
  • The COE shall choose an external examiner or external examiners for each course from a panel of examiners already prepared for that purpose.The COE shall prepare and constantly update the panel of examiners for all the programmes.The external examiner can be appointed for a maximum of three courses only during a semester,irrespective of the number of programmes (UG, PG, M.Phil) for which he/she is appointed.

  • Once an external examiner is appointed by the COE for a particular exam, any change of examiner there after for reasons of non availability of the first examiner shall be effected only by the COE and through a formal order. Under no circumstances an external examiner is directly appointed or informally inducted by the Head of the Department or the course teacher for setting question papers or for valuing scripts.

  • For each paper a set of two parallel question papers are prepared, each supported by a scheme of valuation.The question paper setter will send the question paper to the Controller of examinations office directly well in advance.
  • Dummy Number is generated before starting the valuation.Central valuationwill be arranged by COE in the location of the college.There shall be double valuationfor each programme.First valuation will be done by the Course teacher within 3 days, failing which action will be taken. The answer scripts shall be valued independently twice, once by the course teacher and again by the external examiner separately.

  • The consolidation of marks shall be done by the COE’s office.In circumstances where the discrepancies are 10 marks or more there is a need for independent third valuation involving a referee selected by COE.Those two marks which are closer will be considered and the average will be taken.

  • After Publication of Results in the Awards Committee Meeting, the final marks are displayed in the notice board and copy will be sent to the departments.