Sri Kaliswari College (Autonomous), Sivakasi

Procedure and Policies for maintaining and utilizing, Physical, Academic and Support facilities

  The college follows  systematic  procedure in purchasing, maintaining  and  utilizing  the equipment.

  1. Laboratory

(a)Maintenance of Laboratory

  • Maintenance of Laboratory is carried out through Annual Maintenance Contract system (AMC) and Service Centers & Outside Agencies.
  • 14trained lab-assistants are appointed in laboratories.
  • The proper function of equipment in all laboratories is ensured in every semester by the lab technicians and minor repairs such as installing replacement parts are carried out by them as and when they are needed.
  • Lab technician checks the working  condition  of  the equipment/systems  on  daily basis.
  • Apparatus Requisition form is maintained in each lab to track the breakage and working of equipment’s.
  • Stock Register is maintained and internal stock verification is done every year by a committee constituted by the Principal.
  • CCTV Cameras are installed in all Laboratories to ensure the security.
  • First Aid Kits are  kept  in  all
  • Fire extinguishers are provided  in  eye  catching spots  in  the  college  buildings  especially  in  all
  • Laboratory manual is given to the students which include list of experiments and the procedure of doing the experiments.
  • Do’s and Don’ts are displayed in all the laboratories.
  • Do’s and Don’ts are displayed in all the laboratories.
  • Identification Number for each equipment is marked on the devices/Equipment
  • Working models   and   devices   in   the   form   of   charts   are   displayed   in   the laboratories.
  1. Computer
  • All computers are checked for applications at start of semester
  • Software license renewal is done as per the license period.
  • All the PCs and related equipment like printers, scanners, etc. are backed by UPS
  • Installation of anti-virus program on the computers is done.
  • Hard disc cleanup and defragmentation utilities are carried out regularly.
  • Frequent maintenance of computers, AC, Printer  and  other equipment are done for  every  6 months or as and when required.
  • To provide computers for each student, timetable for practical classes is designed in advance.
  • Computer Networks in the campus, both LAN and WAN, are maintained.
  1. College Library

3(a) Maintenance of College Library

  • Library functions between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. on all working days.
  • Library is fully computerized with the implementation of ROVAN Software (5.0 version PHP) along with Bar code system.
  • General maintenance is carried out by 3 Library Assistants.
  • Book preservation and binding of torn books are done regularly.
  • Pest and Termite control for protection of Books is done at frequent intervals.
  • Books and materials are s properly shelved.
  • Allocated with accession numbers the books are arranged in their respective discipline rack.
  • E-gate entry facility is used for ensuring attendance of library users.
  • Computerised catalogue (OPAC) is used to locate for books according to author, title, publisher, accession number and classification number.
  • Library Management Committee with the Principal, staff  members  and  two  students  assist in the purchase of Books, Journals and other learning materials as per students’ updated requirements.
  • Stock verification is carried out every year.

 3 (b)Utilization of Library

  • Daily newspapers, Periodicals – Journals and magazines are displayed in the reading room.
  • New Arrivals, newspaper cuttings on Career guidance and current topics are displayed.
  • Services are provided to ex-students and outside visitors.
  • A separate hub for internet access is installed in the library to provide free Internet access to students and staff.
  • Alumni could utilize the Library Resources with the Life Time Membership Card at free of cost.
  • Library keeps  ‘Career  Corner’  that  stocks  volumes  of  competitive  exams  preparatory  books  and magazines.
  • PG Project and M. these  are submitted  to  library  are  kept  in  a  separate  place  as  reference books.
  • Photocopying, printouts from internet and scanning facilities are offered.
  • Interlibrary service is available using Developing Library Network (DELNET), National Library and Information Service Infrastructure for scholarly Content (NLIST)
  1. Sport Complex

4 (a) Maintenance of Sport Complex

There is a well established system in the college for the optimum use of available infrastructure and its regular maintenance

  • A systematic procedure is adopted for the purchase and maintenance of sport infrastructural facilities.
  • Three Physical Education Directors coach and motivate the students to participate in sports.
  • The markers maintain the play-field and supply the play kits.
  • Foot Ball ground is levelled periodically.
  • Cricket pitches have been created for practice sessions and conducting tournaments.
  • Fenced Basketball court is maintained to conduct practice sessions and tournaments.
  • Multi Gym is furnished with modern equipments.
  • Adequate electrification and water supply in the sport complex are monitored and maintained.
  • Stock verification is done annually.

4(b) Utilization of Sport Complex

  • Sports activities of the college are divided into two broad categories i.e., intramural & extramural.
  • Sports stars are given training in basketball, chess, weightlifting and self defence martial Arts like Silambam and Taeckwondo.
  • The teams are greatly encouraged to participate at various levels like Intercollegiate, Inter zone, District and State Level tournaments throughout the year .
  • The Sports personnel are given free board and lodging, travelling allowance in participating in district, state and national level tournaments.
  • Every year Sports Meet is celebrated inviting Eminent Sports Personalities. Here we have furnished the laurels achieved by our students in both indoor and outdoor games from International to Zonal levels.
  1. Classroom Maintenance
  • Repair works in the class rooms and the staffs room is carried out by 2 Electricians and a Plumber maintained by the college.
  • The Estate Management of our college performs the building maintenance and the repair works inside the campus.
  • Sweepers, Scavengers,   Plumber  and  Electricians are involved in maintaining classroom ambience.
  • All classrooms  have  adequate  furniture,  LED  lights,  fans  and  multiple  electrical
  • RO water is supplied to every classroom.