Teachers’ Feedback on Curriculum
Teachers’ feedback is an important parameter for quality improvement of the curriculum and the quality of the student of institution. Teacher’s feedback on curriculum is received every year and evaluated by IQAC and necessary updation is carried in the curriculum design and syllabus for the betterment of the student community.

The following parameters are considered to obtain feedback

  • The syllabus of the course is updated and useful in gaining subject knowledge.

  • The syllabus of the course gives fundamentals and leads to critical thinking.

  • The syllabus of the course is useful in gaining necessary skills for facing in different competitive examinations.

  • The syllabus of the course emphasizes the learning of job oriented skills.

  • The syllabus of the course gives importance to the conduct of practical and Hands-on-training to the students.

  • The time and credit allotted to each course.

  • The completion of syllabus gives confidence for pursuing higher studies.

  • The syllabus does not result in any overloading on students during the semester(s).

  • The contents of the course in the syllabus are comprehensive.

  • Contents of the course enable acquisition of knowledge and related skills.

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