Language Lab/Media Lab

The Language Lab annexed to the Department of English is well-equipped with 20 computers and installed with Orell Digital Language Laboratory software. It focuses on the production and practice of English sounds to familiarize the students with the use of English in everyday life situation. All the II PG students, III UG and II UG are given training in Spoken English at the Language Lab and thereby given chance to hone their communication skill in English.The Language Lab also provides placement training for the outgoing students by teaching Group Discussion, Etiquettes and interview Techniques.

Special features of the Language Lab

  • Language Learning Programmes in the Language Lab involved the students in conversational practices in real context of life.

  • Listening in O’DLL Audio recording motivated the student in enriching in English Vocabulary.

  • Regular Repeated Drills in the Language Lab help students to learn the articulatory features of the spoken English such as pronunciation, accent and stress.

  • Learners have recorded their own voice and played back the recordings.

  • All the UG and II PG students are given 1 hour/ per week training in English Language learning programmes through a number of question and answer lessons that deal with English spelling, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation and get them ready with the right level of communicative competence for the next phase of higher studies/ employment.

  • Various pattern drills of meaningful memorization are employed and repeated benefitting for the Examination preparations.

  • Teachers and students resort to power-point presentations linking language learning ability and presentation skills through Brain Storming Sessions and Group Discussions on Socio-Political Cultural topics of current interest.

  • Scientific Inventions: A Boon or A Bane?.

  • What do I want to Become.

  • Social Evils and its Remedial Measures.

  • The Author I Like Most.

  • Lake Poets.

  • Unemployment Problem in India.

  • Eradication of Child Labour.

  • The Impact of Global Warming.

Year Number of Beneficiaries
2013-2014 1183
2014-2015 1050
2015-2016 1147
2016-2017 1189
2017-2018 2049