Chemistry learning becomes more interesting when students are able to understand the subject well and to apply the acquired knowledge practically. Our College has TWO well equipped and ventilated chemistry laboratories with all essential facilities. Weekly lab classes are conducted as per batch. Students are trained for the practical. Each lab has a lab assistant and a helper for the maintenance and smooth functioning of the laboratory.


The Organic and Inorganic Laboratories have been provided with sufficient number of burners with gas supply and working tables with sink.


Physical chemistry and Project Laboratory have sufficient number of instruments for UG, PG students and Part time Research for faculty members. This Laboratory has been partitioned into separate balance room, Laminar air flow Chamber and Store room.

For Safety purpose, both the Laboratories have entrance and outlet; and are provided with fire extinguisher, exhaust fan, fuming cupboard and first aid box.The details of instruments kept for analysis are given below.

  • Kipps’ apparatus

  • Centrifuge (6000RPM)

  • Glasswares

  • Separating funnel

  • Hot air oven

  • Hot plate

  • Suction pump

  • Waterbath

  • Potentiometer

  • Conductivity meter

  • Orbital shaker

  • Hot air oven

  • Platinum, silver and calomel electrodes

  • Conductivity cell

  • Muffle furnace

  • Magnetic stirrer

  • Sonicator

  • Autoclave

  • Micropippete

  • Chromatographic column

  • Three digit balance

  • Deionizer

  • UV spectrophotometer

  • Microwave oven

  • Distillation unit

  • Fridge

  • Flame photometer

  • pH meter

  • Desiccators

  • Combined electrode

  • Actophotometer

  • Analgesiometer

  • Convulsometer

  • Pleismathograph

  • Incubator

  • Laminar