It is a regular feature of Sri Kaliswari College that promotes intellectual ambience on the campus. Our Staff Members also applied to UGC and other funding agencies for conducting Seminars, Conferences and Workshops and also they have also expertised their knowledge by receiving Major and Minor Research Project. It is a matter of pride to state that the Department of Biotech the Department of Biotechnology established a Marine Biotechnology- Research Laboratories exclusively for assisting the Major Research Project

There are two types of research projects on the basis of the scope, duration of the study and budget

  • Major Project-Duration up to 24 monts with a budget of Rs.5-15 lakh.

  • Minor Project-Duration up to 12 monts with a bugdet upto 5 lakh.

On completion of the study,the scholar should submit the following

  • For Major project,a Book-length final Report in a publishable form along with an Executable Summary of the report(3000-4000 words).

  • For Minor project,a Final Report (about 100 page) along with a brief summary.

  • Both documents should be submitted in hard format(two copies of final report and ten copies of summary and a soft copy(in pen drive))

  • Copies of research papers on the theme of research,published in reputed research journals during the period of study.

List of  Minor/Major Project Details  from the year 2013-2017…

Minor/Major Research Project