Student Centric Outcome Based Education – A Progressive Approach to Teaching and Learning

Outcome Based Education (OBE) is student-centered instruction model that focuses on measuring student performance through outcomes. Outcomes include knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Outcome Based Education prepares a student to achieve a set of stated learning outcomes and measures the extent of achievement right through the learning period. The subject/module tutor writes a set of learning outcomes that a student should be able to do after learning a given subject/course and the learning outcomes are measured using innovative assessment methods. The learning outcomes include cognitive abilities, attitudes and practical skills that a student is required to develop while learning a subject/module/course. It is expected that by mastering the stated learning outcomes, a student will be able to perform a defined task in the subject/course area with the right attitude and in a professional manner.

The OBE model measures the progress of the graduate in three parameters, which are